Ixtapa Vacation House Rental

Golf course, swimming pool, and room for six...

Ixtapa house caretakers. Caretaker of the Ixtapa House: Raquel

We want you to come to our vacation home with a feeling as if you are going to a cabin at the lake. The house is not a hotel; therefore it is not run like one. The caretakers, Felipe and Raquel who look after the house are responsible for cleaning the swimming pool, the house (including bedrooms and bathrooms) and maintaining the yard. They speak little English, but they do have a translation book available to help them understand your needs. The bed sheets are changed every few days and fresh towels will be provided as needed. If you require fresh towels or clean sheets, ask the caretakers (una toalla limpia, porfavor) and they will provide them. You can leave soiled towels in the wicker hamper provided in each room. We recommend a tip of approximately $5.00 a day/per couple staying at the house. This will cover some of the little extras that they do for you while you are staying at the house.

Overlooking the Golf Course...

Ixtapa golf course The house faces a large lake on the golf course.

Our house is located overlooking the golf course (Club de Golf Ixtapa). It has a swimming pool and many beautiful open spaces.

The house is divided into four areas, three of the rooms are bedrooms with their own bathrooms and separate entry, and the fourth is a combination kitchen, dining and livingroom. The house is privately owned and is rented as a whole.

Kitchen, Dining & Living Room

Kitchen in Ixtapa HouseKitchen in the Ixtapa House

The kitchen comes equipped with a refrigerator, gas stove, toaster, coffee maker, manual juicer, pots and pans, dishes, utensils, glasses and cutlery. You cannot drink the tap water. You can purchase bottled water at any small grocery store or have the caretaker buy the large glass container of purified water.

We ask that you try to keep any food you are not using in tupperware containers provided or in the refrigerator; keep the garbage can covered with the lid at all times to avoid insects.

Please refrain from standing or sitting on the kitchen table or the island where the stove is located. These table surfaces are not anchored to their bases and will tip over.

We recommend you wear your sandals/shoes in the house and backyard (grass area included) to avoid stepping on any stinging/biting insects.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Bedroom in Ixtapa HouseYellow bedroom

All of the bedrooms have King sized beds and their own bathroom. All of the rooms have ceiling fans with 3 speeds. The fans can be turned on with the light switch and the speed changed by gently pulling on the chain until the desired speed is reached. We recommend keeping the fans on at all time on low speed. This helps keep the rooms comfortable.

At night when you go to sleep, lock the door from the inside, and leave the key in the lock; this is a safety precaution, it allows for an easy and speedy exit in the event of an emergency. We also ask that you lock all doors in the house when leaving for the day or night to prevent intruders from entering. Please do not leave your valuable articles in view and accessible. Place them inside your suitcase and nobody will touch them.

Swimming Pool

25meter Swimming Pool

The house comes complete with a beautiful 25m lap pool. Each day the pool is cleaned and chlorinated. Please keep glass away from the pool area to avoid any accidents.

Airport Transportation

Taxicabs in Ixtapa do not have fare meters, therefore before you depart arrange in advance the cost of your ride. The vehicle parked at the house is not for use. Taxicabs are inexpensive and are easily available from all the hotels in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. While at the house taxis can be called locally by using one of the following numbers. 554-3680, 554-8809, 554-3311, 554-3900. There is a phonebook at the house which you can use as you like.

Rental Rates and Deposit Information

The house was designed to accommodate 6 people very comfortably. The house is rented as a whole and will be rented to only one group at a time (you will not be required to share the house with people you do not know). We discourage groups larger than six people.

Rental Rates

The entire house rents for $150/night. We offer a weekly discount for parties staying longer than 6 days. The weekly rate for the house is $900.

We require a non-refundable 50% deposit due at the time of booking. This will secure your reservation. The deposit will then be applied to your balance owing upon your final payment.

Payment in full (less your deposit) is required 14 days prior to your departure. In addition at that time we also require a $500 damage deposit. This deposit will be refunded within one month of your return, provided there are no outstanding long distance charges or damage to the house and/or its contents.

Note: The telephone at the house is there for your convenience to make local calls only. You will be responsible to pay any long distance calls made from Ixtapa. Please note: long distance calls are heavily taxed in Mexico and therefore are very expensive. It is a lot cheaper to have friends and family call you in Ixtapa. For calls to the house from the United States or Canada dial 011-52-755-553-0505.

We hope you will enjoy your vacation! We would appreciate your comments regarding your stay at the house.


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